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We are deeply committed to our planet and its people, and that's why all our products are manufactured with a strong FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS. WE PRODUCE EACH PIECE IN New York to steer clear of overproduction and minimize waste. These items are intentionally designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring lasting quality and durability. Choosing our products means aligning with a conscientious approach to the environment and responsible manufacturing practices.


EMBRACING THE STRENGTH IN Femininity is a transformative journey that challenges societal norms. True strength is found in the courage to embrace vulnerability, empathy, and emotional intelligence, rejecting stereotypical notions. By celebrating the unique qualities associated with femininity, individuals contribute to a more inclusive and diverse understanding of strength. This journey fosters self-discovery, allowing for authentic navigation of challenges with grace and authenticity.

STRENGTH IN Femininity

Growing up in the Soviet Union, Milana discovered her love of creating fashion at the age of 3. Despite limited resources, she honed her skills by repurposing household items into exquisite clothing for her dolls. At 15, her family moved to America, where she pursued her dream through hard work and education.
After settling in southern California, Milana embarked on a journey to become a renowned fashion designer and moved to NYC. Over a decade in Manhattan, working with iconic brands like Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade, shaped her into a true creator. In 2013, she led the creation of Live Love Dream (LLD) for Aeropostale, turning it into a multi-million-dollar success.
While LLD was a significant achievement, Milana's journey revealed more about herself and the industry. This led to the launch of her eponymous label, Milana Bartolotta, representing decades of dedication, highs, lows, and passion. Unbound by constraints, this brand is her opportunity to share her past, present, and future vision. Experience Milana's unique perspective and creativity.

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